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Investing With Consistency and Experience

Equally as important to establishing reasonable objectives is selecting an advisor who has an investment philosophy that is consistent with your objectives.  At Compass, we have a well-defined investment philosophy that you should become familiar with to be confident that we can meet your needs.
We Believe in Asset Allocation, Not Market Timing We Believe That Diversification is the Key to Successful Investing We Are Value Investors
Many people believe that it should be the job of a money manager to move in and out of markets based on some abilitiy to predict the future.  At Compass, we have no such predictive powers and doubt that anyone does.
Asset Allocation is a proven way to lower risk and requires no psychic skills.  Your allocation between various categories of stocks, bonds and short-term investments should be made based on your unique investment objective, not on our feelings about markets.
It is a proven fact that increasing the number of securities in a portfolio and ensuring that the portfolio is diversified by industry, market capitalization and maturity reduces risk.
We are most confortable when our equity portfolios hold at least thirty stocks diversified over ten industry groups.  Having relatively small positions also allows us to effectively manage taxable accounts by not selling stocks that have appreciated dramatically and easily replacing stocks we sell for tax management.

While we do not believe that you can time markets, we do believe that we can price them.  Comparing current prices to historic norms and prices of individual securities to the overall market allows us to select securities that we believe are selling at the best relative value.
Our best investment ideas tend to be well managed companies that have fallen out of favor.  The fact that we are often in the minority in that thinking allows us to take advantage of the short sightedness of others.
Compass manages equity, fixed income and balanced accounts, a combination of both assets.  By conducting in-house fundamental research we construct individualized portfolios of actual stocks and bonds.  This avoids hidden fees and can generate greater tax efficiencies.
Balanced Accounts
Fixed Income
Stocks provide a great way to grow assets over long periods of time.  While all Compass equity portfolios are value-oriented, investment strategies range from conservative to aggressive depending on the targeted goals. 

Conservative portfolios tend to concentrate on larger, well-seasoned companies with high dividend yields, while aggressive portfolios may include companies from more dynamic industries.

Many of our clients' objectives involve a combination of growth, income, and security.  In order to achieve these goals, we develop portfolios that include stocks for growth and bonds for income and security.  The proportion that goes into each asset class is adjusted based on these objectives.

Bonds are contracts with corporations and governments that provide income.  Bond yields often exceed those available in bank deposits.

Portfolios are managed for taxable and tax-free income, and can be adjusted to satisfy risk tolerance.  We focus on investment grade securities with short-dated maturities, but will use high-yield in more aggressive portfolios.